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RLB is owned by KB Trading, an import/export family owned company that also owns Metzco Rope Ladders/Metzco, a Rope Ladder manufacturing brand in South Africa.

We are currently in the process of establishing our manufacturing company in the USA, until then, all access ladders will be manufactured and exported from South Africa.

We manufacture rope ladders for all kinds of applications. We produce an escape rope ladder for the housing environment but is also a strong enough rope ladder for the industrial industry.

Metzco Rope Ladder Manufacturer

Metzco Rope Ladders

Metzco Rope Ladders are the 'go to' ladders in the rope ladder industry.

With many high level international customers who have specifically requested Metzco Rope Ladders, there is no doubt as to the incredible quality of the product.

Check out the website, to learn more about the ladders and our South African manufacturers.

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