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Rope Ladders are an essential emergency escape method whether from fire or home invasion, particularly if you are caught in an upper floor situation.

  Metzco Rope Ladders is a South African manufacturer of the emergency escape rope ladders and are designed for heavy industry, they can also be used from helicopters, or from high rise buildings.
After being in the business for over 16 years we have upgraded countless times in order to stay ahead of our competitors.

Please see the list of our rope ladders in the PRODUCT section of this website.

So if you need a rope ladder to climb to safety or down into a mine shaft, or want a way into a large tank to clean it, Metzco Rope Ladders will make it, as we do for so many industries throughout the world.

We make rope ladders for industry, mining, mountain climbers, fire escape, movies, helicopters, tree climbing, tank cleaning, school buildings, gym classes, ships, boats, dams, electrical pole climbing, oil rigs sports stadiums, for temporary bridges as our rope ladders have over 4000kg breaking strain! etc.

Fire Retardant Emergency Escape Rope Ladder in Carry Bag

Fire Retardant Ladder on side of Dome Observatory Roof in South Africa

Our Ladders are not just used in the US but can also be found in various countries like Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Southern America, the UK and many more places.

Among those places you can now see our ladder proudly secured to the side of a telescope dome in Cape Town

Images courtesy of Rope Access Inspection in Cape Town

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Rope Ladder Boss's sister company in South Africa, Metzco, manufactured a Webbing Rope Ladder that was used in the helicopter scene in Pinewood Studios UK

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film

Khatron Ke Khiladi

Our Ladder was shown on the popular tv series, Khatron Ke Khiladi in Season 5.

Where Else Can Rope Ladders Be Used?


Film Industry

Rope Ladder Boss has provided rope ladders for the film industry.

Used mainly for helicopter stunts as we discuss on our Film Industry page.

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Apartment Buildings

Apartments are where we feel safe, but what happens when you need to escape quickly but can't reach the door?

Rope Ladder Boss provides Certified Safety Webbing Ladders for an emergency escape out of harms way

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Helicopter Industry

Helicopters have been using our Rope Ladders for many years...

Why? Because we offer a quality product, with a guaranteed satisfied customer.

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Metzco Rope Ladders for Oil Rigging
Metzco Rope Ladders for the Oil Rig Industry

Construction Industry

Our safety webbing ladders are used in many fields of the construction industry, from Silo cleaning companies to crane operators.

With hardworking human lives at stake, you should not use substandard safety equipment.

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Oil Industry

Many international oil rigging companies use our ladders on site of their ocean rigs in various locations all over the world.

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Webbing Ladders

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